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Be a leader not a follower and go with the consumers who are already ahead of you, with 74% of them searching the internet, well before any consideration of making contact with a real estate agent.

Will they come across your name or agency in their search?

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Working with the internet

The most essential thing required is the movement away from simple passive advertisement formats and start to use the more interactive medium of Individual Property Websites.

Learn more about the use of Individual Property Website.

feature2-small Using the benefits of technology

The old way of making customers contact you by phone or email are over. What they need from you, they should be able to receive 24/7 off the internet from your site. If not they will jump to the next site.

Learn more about help in doing this

feature3-smallStop selling, start helping.

The modern day consumer has shown in many ways that they hate being sold to. But as they are searching the internet, do they find your helpful advice, and are they attracted to you in assisting them.

Learn more about the strategy of helping.

Real Estate agents need to change

Why you may ask? Watch this next video and get the answer. The old systems may still be working for you, however, the consumers are becoming more educated by the internet. How many agents agree that the consumers often know more about the property then they do? I have heard this statement from a number of agents. The facts are very clear:

real estate agents need to change.jpg
  • 74% of people in the age group (25 - 49 years) search the internet for homes for sale
  • Majority of these searches are on smartphones or tablets
  • They do not feel the need to contact the agent, and don't want to.
  • Clients are becoming more educated, so important to substantiate with facts whatever is advised
  • Outbound Marketing techniques are hard to justify with factual evidence.

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Exciting new world of Inbound Marketing

There is a whole new world of marketing called Inbound Marketing. What is that? Well you should watch this next video and understand but more importantly learn how to lift your marketing real estate game to a total different level and never have to be a slave to your phone and email again.
New World of Marketing.jpg

Understand the change in consumer habits:

  • 57% of TV viewers are online while watching TV
  • 86% of people jump TV commercials
  • Only 30% of the links users search are on paid ads
  • 97% of consumers use the internet to research products and services before making a purchase decision

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How do you put all this into action?

The answer is in this next video which will demonstrate the important use of Call to Actions, some already being used but used in a much better way, and the way they direct to Landing Pages which is your interaction with your potential leads. 

The real differentiation is in your ability to monitor and track the various marketing techniques you employ.

We must admit that the portals are supreme in having the listings, and so the agents have three goals to achieve, which are:

  1. GOAL 1 - Grab the attention of the researcher before they jump to the next property
  2. GOAL 2 - Getting their interest so they seek more information
  3. GOAL 3 - Get the researcher out of the portal onto your Individual Property Website

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How to manage the Inbound Marketing Processes in Real Estate Sales.jpg

Both sellers and buyers require a well presented property.

The seller wants the most effective marketing for real estate for their property to be seen by the majority and the buyer wants to know about the availability of the property and have all the information to make the informed buying decision.



Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Consumers have accepted the new internet world; technology has advanced with much assistance in available software, it is up to the real estate industry not to be lagging behind. 

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