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The philosophy behind implementing the change process


Number1Focus on the consumer

In most situations the main driver of change is the consumer. Frustration at something not being the way it should or the lack of being offered. The entrepreneur picks up on this and sees the chance to bring a much needed solution to the market place.

Number2The offer must be better

It is never offering something that everyone else is doing. The new offering must be differentiated and something that takes it to another level and is a great improvement giving the customer a much better service experience.

Number3Believe & make it happen

If it was a simple exercise of coming up with a good idea, then everyone would be millionaires. It is always a hard slog from taking the original concept to market, adapting and fine tuning the concept to a successful solution that the market place accepts.

The photographic processing industry in the early 80's

The consumer need: to have their weekend photos processed as quickly as possible and not need to send them away and wait days.

The solution: photos processed in 1 hour on site. Films dropped off on way to work, ready by morning break to show your work coleagues and friends, their weekend memories.

  • At the start, the large processing laboratories had 100% of the trade.
  • Within a few years, they were losing 10 % of the market per year and started closing down.
  • Initially, the first site started in April, and the acceptance of the new type of service was slow, only processing 20 -30 rolls per day for many months.
  • Then it became accepted by Christmas time and processing was 300 rolls per day.
  • A chain of 5 shops eventually achieved, with the majority in Westfield Shopping Centres.
  • The operation won the covereted Westfield Best Retailer Award in NSW for the leisure category.

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Attracting business people to Australia in the late 80's

The customer need: to have their credentals assessed, and given a good chance to be accepted.

The solution: a visit to their business to thoroughly check it out and then given a guarantee that they are qualified and further more a support system to assist them in adapting to the Australian business environment.

  • Started as a branch of a business migration agency doing about 30 proposals per year.
  • Decided to go it alone, and started marketing throughout the world a programme called "Australia the Land of the 21st Century"
  • Within a couple of years it was a business migration agency doing approximately 300 proposals per year to be the largest in Australia.

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A new style meat company focussed on consumer needs

The consumer need: a clean green beef product without growth promotants and anti-biotics in the feed to produce the product.

The solution: a high quality pasture fattened product from strees free animals and the product being able to be traced back to the farm and animal.

  • A product before its time when food security was not hardly mentioned.
  • A product produced from animals that were well cared for in a strees free environment.
  • An awesome product that was well sought after by all, consumers, butchers and restaurants.
  • Every packet of meat carried a label that told the owner of the property, breed of animal, ear tag number, processing results, and rating as per cooking method.
  • It won the Best Branded Product two years in a row against all the old style large meat companies.

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A different type of office accommodation

The Business clients need: office infrastructure that had the best of facilities and services but at reasonable costs and allowed for expansion.

The solution: shared officed facilities, that was in great locations, and allowed for expansion when contracts were won. Overheads were shared between the companies, keeping costs low.


  • Started from a Serviced Office concept base but concerned about the level of charging.
  • Compromised by not having month to month agreements but offered ones that were longer term but with the option to expand.
  • Concentrated on those companies that started small, but were committed to expanding as they grabbed market share. These companies were the Silicon Valley companies coming into Australia at the time.
  • Developed to 3 locations in Sydney covering over 6000 sq metres of space.

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