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Your customers are now searching the internet well before any contact with you.

Every medium you are working in, press advertisement or even the portal advertisement restricts your creativity in design from being different.

What is required is to upgrade to an Individual Property Website (IPW).

Your potential customers request is simple, "Give me the information!" The Individual Property Website is your opportunity to interact with your clients and it does not have to be by phone or email because they are not at that stage in the buying process. But you have the ability to make contact in a new way that could also be a great introduction as well as a means to impress. 

Want to see how you can use a IPW?  

It is up to you as to what you include, so now you can be different and more importantly, test the market as to what achieves results and helps you to interact with a potential client and turn them into a client.

Click on the photo and check out the features of a Individual Property Website.


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What does an Individual Property Website have that is different to an advertisement?

green_tickIt is interactive

Now you have the ability to communicate with potential clients and interact by Call to Actions and Landing Pages at anytime day or night without making them phone.
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We_don't_have_for_our_Farming_Business-resized-600The promotional centre piece

All promotions are directed back to the IPW allowing for the monitoring of the performance of the various promotions thus ensuring the effectiveness of the marketing.
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Marketing_Personas_ensures_you_are_on_target-resized-600Target the right audience

This requires you to be able to monitor all the leads and nurturing them to a stage that you are confident in their interest in your property and are prepared to buy.
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The real issue is getting those interested parties to contact you

Up until now, the main way of achieving that, is by getting them to phone or email you. The only problem with this is that people are searching at night and can't contact you and are wanting the information, not tomorrow but NOW. In the mean time, they may be attracted to another property and you could lose them without knowing who they were.This is where CALL TO ACTIONS (CTA) come in to play. They are usually just buttons with click here for the information. But they could be such items as QR Codes which, unfortunately, have not been used in the best way in real estate. Another example could be the SMS code. But the purpose of these are not to send them to a contact page or an advertisement, you want to do the following:

  • Drive them to the Individual Property Website, which you are monitoring
  • Once they are on the IPW, they have all the information, but some critical information requires another CTA
  • To receive that information immediately they must give at least their name and email address.
  • Now you have them registered on your system
  • Every time from here on, they come back to the IPW for another view, you will be notified
  • You now know those leads are really interested

Take the opportunity to register leads at inspection on their smart phones.

  • These are the best leads you have and they deserve to be on your contact system
  • Once they submit, they receive the IPW onto their phone
  • You can now show them where to find all the property information
  • They have the website on their phone so they can now forward the link to their family or friends
  • No need to have expensive brochures to hand out and now you being seen as environmentally friendly
  • If at any time they go back to the web page, you are notified

You now have a backend marketing & sales system that puts YOU in control

In your busy lifestyle, marketing a number of properties and communicating by emails and mobile phones to perspective buyers, you now have a computer system that is your own personal assistant keeping track on everything you are doing to nurture the final buyer of the property.

All your communications are being tracked and recorded for vendor information as proof as to effort you have put into the sale.

The features of the software gives you the control to:.
  • Create your own Individual Property Websites
  • Create your own Call to Actions and Landing Pages
  • Everything produced is just as good on PC as mobile or tablet
  • Assist in writing your own blogs to maximise their exposure
  • Broadcasting your blogs through social media
  • Monitoring all interactions, so you know what promotions are really working
  • Tracking the interaction of all buyers and be able to determine those that are serious
There is only so much one can do, but with the help of technology, with less effort you can be more effective.

This does not have to be one giant step into an unfamilar world.

This can all be easy small steps in developing your skills to take control.



“After a long business career of developing startup new style companies in a number of industries, I am confident that the real estate industry is in for a make over. It will be those companies who accept change to give the consumers what they want, that will survive. Others who fight the change and hold onto the old ways will be left behind. You have to decide which one of these will you and your company be?”

W P (Barry) Osborne
Managing Director,

Brands Marketing (Australia) Pty Ltd


Why not have a live demo of how this all works so you can decide?

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The only thing asked of you is a little of your time so you can understand more about the future.

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