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If you see the future as only ever looking forward

Then this could be the opportunity for you to take on the latest in technology


Innovation starts with only a few free thinkers who see where markets are heading before anyone else.

But in order to get the market to accept the innovation they need the support of those Early Adopters (13.5%) who have to use it or have it before anyone else has the courage to give it a go. Once they like it, then the Early Majority will take it up also. This is when the market changes with a vengenance. 

The real estate industry needs innovators and early adopters to show the way forward.


to be a part of an exciting era of change.

The emphasis of the change will be on marketing, but the innovation has come in the whole process of monitoring the performance of all your marketing and the sale processes. Better still it is all in one package. Just imagine that you can have the ability to collect data on the following:

  • Number of people going to your website
  • Where they come from, whether Social Media, Portal or direct search 
  • Even to break each of those down further to see which social media or which portal
  • Ability to create your own web pages, Call to Actions, Landing Pages and blogs
  • Track all your communications in the sale process, whether by phone or email

This may all sound overwhelming. But that is where I come into it. My advice is not to initially take on such a mammoth task but allow me to work with you in marketing a couple of properties under this innovative system, so you can see its full value. But you can see exactly how it is done by meeting with me and allowing me to demonstrate the whole process.

Demonstrate you belong to the new era of Real Estate Marketing

What does it cost?

I am a Real Estate Agent as well and so understand your situation in not being paid until the property is sold. We work on a particular property together as a trial for you to experience the system first hand. We work out an equitable share arrangement of the commission. To be discussed and negotiated at the meeting. So arrange a meeting now by clicking on the orange button above.